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At North County Dental Surgery Center, we are passionate about making sure that every child gets the best care and dentist possible, which is why our children’s dental practice offers a variety of services at competitive prices. We offer safe anesthesia to ensure your little one feels comfortable throughout their visit!

The Process


Be Referred by your Primary Dentist

If your dentist believes you/your child need treatment under general anesthesia, they will send us a referral.


Make Contact with our Team

We’ll call you within 24 business hours of when we receive your referral to coordinate care. You can always feel free to reach out to us by phone or email as well!


Initial Exam/ Consultation

Based on your referral, we may require an in person examination/consultation with our anesthesia provider and/or dentist. Sometimes, we can conduct these consultations through a tele-health phone call. We will let you know if you need to come into the office prior to the day of treatment under anesthesia. Your procedure will be scheduled at this time and all pre-operative instructions will be given in verbal and written format.


Procedure Day

Be prepared for your child’s scheduled procedure and please arrive on time!


Return to your Primary Dentist

After your child’s treatment at North County Dental Surgery Center, you will return for routine dental care with your primary dentist. We will send your primary dentist a follow up report on the procedures rendered at our facility.

How to Prepare for Your General Anesthesia Visit

Be Patient

Expect to be here between 2-4 hours. Please do not plan any activities, appointments for the rest of the day. Please plan to monitor the patient the rest of the day!

Do Not Eat

Patients must not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before their procedure. If the patient does not come fasting, we WILL NOT be able to treat them. All instructions will be given to you in verbal and in written format prior to the day of treatment regarding fasting guidelines.

Be Understanding

Due to the nature of pediatric patients, we don’t always know exact treatment needs until a child is asleep. This sometimes results in a longer treatment time than originally estimated. Your child may be seen sooner or later than originally scheduled.

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This Is a Surgery Center

Safety and quality of care are top priorities at North County Dental Surgery Center. We will never rush the care of any patient.

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Come Healthy

The anesthesia team will do a review of systems and assessment of the patient prior to administration of general anesthesia. If the patient is sick on the day of the procedure or has congestion in the lungs or throat, they will not obtain anesthesia clearance and their treatment will be rescheduled.

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Do not bring other children with you

We require someone to drive the patient who had the procedure home. It is very important that this person is able to focus on the patient post-operatively and not be distracted or responsible for additional children.

General Anesthesia Information

General anesthesia is a combination of intravenous drugs and inhaled gasses that put you in a sleep-like state before a surgical/medical procedure. At North County Dental Surgery Center, a physician or dental anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia through a mask or an IV placed in the vein.

At our dental surgery center, the anesthesia providers place a breathing tube through your nose and leave the mouth open for the dental provider to render treatment. The anesthesiologist stays with you in the operating room the entire time of your treatment to monitor your vitals (heart rate, blood pressure, breathing) to ensure you are stable, unconscious, and comfortable during your procedure.

The anesthesiologist controls the medications that keep you asleep so that when your procedure is complete, you will regain consciousness. The anesthesia team at North County Dental Surgery Center will continue monitoring your vitals as you wake up and manage any symptoms you may have. Some patients wake up feeling the same as when they fell asleep while others experience nausea, chills or discomfort. Sometimes, patients have a sore nose or throat from the breathing tube. The anesthesia team will be there for you during recovery to assist in managing any symptoms.

At North County Dental Surgery Center, safety is the top priority of all our providers.

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